I tried the platform that is using Virtual Reality to help customers find affordable Interior designers in India

When it comes to buying furniture, no one has the time to do it the old fashioned way, which required the customer to visit the store, browse through catalogues and then find a way to get it made through an interior designer or a retailer.

With the e-commerce boom, buying furniture has been simplified through start-up companies like Pepperfry, HomeLane and Livspace even as consumers demand more variety for less cost.


The unlikely victims of this online buying had been independent designers who saw many customers drop out for better and easier online offers but the situation has been changing.


Livspace which is trying to ‘democratize’ home design is trying to bring homeowners and designers and vendors on the same platform and work simultaneously to create better value for both.

What that means is that customers can get the expertise of a designer and get the execution done faster with great materials while estimating the cost, which is unheard of.


How does it work

●Homeowners typically contact Livspace online and fill a quick form to describe their requirements. They can even shortlist designs from thousands of looks

●Quickly thereafter a designer is assigned to their project, based on their project scope, aesthetic preferences and location.

●The designer meets the homeowner and understands their design, home and lifestyle needs. They present concepts for their home quickly using the software called Canvas.Advertisement

● Once a homeowner likes the initial concepts and books Livspace, they collaborate with their designer to finalize the designs after seeing it all in 3D/virtual reality, experiencing real designs at our Design Centers or experience apartments and touching all materials.

●The final orders are placed and the project plan is shared in the customer account.

●Within a few weeks, a Livspace team of experts delivers and installs every product and service to make their home exactly like the picture.


Livspace Canvas

Canvas is a cloud-based, design platform which is accessible to all certified interior designers on Livspace.


I tried my hand at the software and learned how easy it is to manage an interior design project with Canvas where designers can manage all their projects from start to finish in one dashboard and plan spaces in 2D and convert the design to 3D and virtual reality demos.


The designers can also auto-generate invoices that are linked to the designs they create in real-time and place orders for all products and services, with no worry about the supply chain and delivery.

Interior designers can even create a Virtual reality demo for the customer’s home design which they can access online.