IT whirlwind has impacted mid-level employees the most! Here’s how

Headhunters across India have been observing a shocking trend after the slump in the information technology (IT) sector, with a unique jump in the resumes of mid-management IT professionals.

These resumes have, as compared to last year, taken a leap of as much as 250% this year.

It’s clear, therefore, that the reported instability in the country's $150-billion software services exports industry has had the most impact on the middle-level employees, those with 7 to 15 years of work experience.

The rise in CVs could also be accredited to the radical shift in the need of upskilling, as well as the emergence of automation and robotics.

Talking of upskilling, there is a clear difference in the skill set that these employees possess and the skills that the clients need, forcing employees to upskill or look for new jobs.


"As IT companies adjust to this new normal, there is a change happening in their delivery models and workforce optimisation. This has made professionals uncertain about the future, resulting in the increase in the number of CVs finding their way to recruitment firms," Paul Dupuis, Managing Director of Randstad India told ET.

Over the past six months, Randstad India has seen around 15 to 20% jump in the number of mid-manager profiles for the IT industry.

Other companies reported jump of 250% since (Head Hunters India), 90% since January (TeamLease Services), and 45% in the month of January alone (TimesJobs).

Most of these mid-level IT employees are team leads, delivery managers, project managers etc, while the list also includes people from quality assurance, security testing, infrastructure, technical operations, code review, etc.