It’s an important year for the Indian home services industry

Home services are indeed a blessing; after all, who won’t like not having to run after plumbers and carpenters for their services? However, there is a lot of work that has to be done in the background, which makes sure that such services are promptly delivered.

A major task is to convince these servicemen that they would be benefited by working with these digital entities.

The Indian home services industry can boast off a good number of companies, and now that they have their teams in place, this year would be spent solidifying their business structures and staying alive.

"The sector was a small baby in 2015, now maturity will come in," Aditya Rao, founder and CEO of LocalOye told ET. LocalOye is backed by New York based Tiger Global Management.

This 'maturity' involves ensuring a consistent service quality, which is tougher than it looks, as it involves managing thousands of blue-collar workers, most of them who have no experience of dealing with technology. Another problem comes in the form of convincing customers that this convenience doesn’t involve any risk and that they can safely let these servicemen into their homes.

"We are also planning to have customised training modules for our service providers. Much of quality is also on reaffirmation of processes. We need to keep stressing on how to do a particular job. We would feel extremely satisfied if we ensure that 100 percent of our servicemen reach the homes of the customers at the exact said time," Saran Chatterjee, CEO of Housejoy, told ET. Housejoy has recently raised 150 crore funding led by Amazon India.

Indian home services industry stands close to $100 billion (6.6 lakh crore), and with new companies being formed everyday, it has become highly contested. It means that only the very best of these would be surviving the tough competition.

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