[Infographic] The Latest Air Travel Trends In India: 79% Air Travellers In India Are Male

It is not easy to get a train ticket these days, unless you book months in advance. Lot of Indians are looking at Air travel as one gets a seat on budget airlines with ease. There are quite a few players operating in India and more coming in. At the moment the air ticket price is definitely more expensive than train tickets, but planes do get you from one city to the other in matter of few hours. Many are using this mode of travel and we stumbled upon an interesting infographic related to air travel.

Recently Adnear did extensive research on air travel behaviour in India. They released this infographic, which brings to light some really interesting trends. What caught our attention is the fact that Mumbai airport receives more footfall than Delhi. 79% of the air travellers are male and rest are female.

Another interesting fact that came out through this research is that students like to travel on a Wednesday or Thursday. This is probably because of the fact that tickets are usually cheaper on these days as compared to weekends. Go ahead check the rest of the fascinating facts in this infographic.