Infosys is making aggressive push into AI platform Mana to generate billions of dollars

Infosys is doing everything it can to push its Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform-Mana. From building a team of top executives from Silicon Valley to disrupting the traditional model, Infosys is not taking anything for granted.

Through Mana, Infosys aims to build a top-notch cognitive computing system and generate billions of dollars in revenue.

Infosys has also poached top executives such as former Google executive Sudhir Jha to head product management.


"We've already hired a few guys from the Valley, we are hiring a few guys from here. (Mana) requires a different level of skill. Mana is fundamentally the core platform of transformation for us -it encapsulates everything that we stand for and everything that we're betting on," Samson David, who has been tasked to head the Mana team, told ET.

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The project Mana, which was launched in April, will concentrate on automating repetitive and commoditised software maintenance tasks.


Infosys believes Mana can help free up several thousands of engineers from repetitive, commoditized software projects all across.

"At CIS -for fixed price projects, we have been able to reduce 20-25% headcount across shifts. And that will only gdeeper and deeper," David told ET.

"There are two killer activities in the software industry that take up the most amount of time -one is to find out what the problem is. The whole thing of impact analysis -what all has to be touched. That takes up a lot of time. In maintenance, you have to scan the entire thing to figure out the impact. Actual change doesn't take much time. Second is when I make the change, how do I ensure nothing is broken? Testing takes a lot of time. Mana allows you to completely squish this," David told ET.