Infosys ties up with GE to build solutions in the IoT space

Infosys ties up with GE to build solutions in the IoT spaceInfosys has partnered with its customer General Electric to build solutions in the Internet of Things (IoT) space.

India’s second largest software exporter said it would form partnership with other clients also to build solutions in IoT space that would be designed to help solve issues related to efficient for industrial companies and others.

This move by Infosys comes at a time when General Electric is doubling down on industrial internet, which refers to the integration of appliances and machinery with sensors and software that are networked.

Infosys’ two pilot projects in the industrial Internet space had been approved by the Industrial Internet Consortium.

"The Internet of Things is about dissolving the layers of complexity and the intermediaries that create distance between the point of manufacturing and the point of consumption, between understanding and preventing points of failure in the manufacturing process, in machines or in critical processes, and between what the customer wants and what is delivered," Infosys Chief Executive Vishal Sikka said in a statement.


General Electric is one of the largest customers of Infosys and is pumping hundreds of millions of dollars into building its capabilities in the area of industrial internet.

In this regard, it is hiring top data scientists and programmers and partnering with startups.

GE has doubled down on software and started building more intelligent systems.