Infosys’ top executives rake in multi-million dollar pay packages. Check out how much Vishal Sikka and others earn

Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka’s pay package is at par with chiefs of global IT firms and other top level executives also rake in multi-million pay packages.

While, Sikka’s annual pay package was $7.45 million for the 2015-16, operating chief UB Pravin Rao took home around $1.4 million.

Also, newly appointed CFO MD Ranganath earned $539,141 for the same financial year.


In 2014-15, Rao received $1 million salary including other incentives such as bonuses, incentives and earnings from stock options.

Infosys increased the pay packages of top executives in a bid to retain key executives and also reward rainmakers.

Sikka was rewarded with a salary hike in starting of 2016 and his tenure was also extended after Infosys reaped fortunes and trumped rivals under his guidance.


In 2017, Sikka will make nearly $11 million every year. As part of his old contract, Sikka made $7.08 million, including stock options.

Meanwhile, former CFO Rajv Bansal, who quit Infosys in October 2015, earned $3.44 million.