Inside Heath Hall - the historic London mansion Justin Bieber is renting for £108,000 per month



Justin Bieber's new London home costs £108,000 per month to rent.

Justin Bieber is renting a historic 15-bedroom mansion in north London for £108,000 a month.

The Canadian singer, who turned 22 in February, is thought to be relocating to Heath Hall in the UK after falling "in love" with the area of the home, according to the Mail.

The detached mansion comes with an indoor pool, home cinema, personal gym and even a five-car garage.
Bieber is expected to divide his time between London and Los Angeles - where he is currently based.

His new London residence has a colourful past. It was built in 1910, and has been everything from a family home to a base for Chinese government staff.

Take a look inside the historic Heath Hall.