Introducing India’s best company to work for, and no it is not Google


Noida-based IT company RMSI recently piped Google to Become India's Best Company to Work for according to a study by Great Place to Work Institute. The company trumped industry giants like Google India, Intel and Marriott Hotels that have consistently scored well.

RMSI ​provides GIS, modeling & analytics, and software services to clients in sectors ranging from navigation & location based services, utilities, telecom, natural resources, land & property, and government & funding agencies. The company currently employs around 800 people in all (Google employs almost double that in India alone), and had a management buy-out from its previous owner RMS Inc. It has offices in Canada, USA, UK, Australia and Middle East. So what led it to grab the top spot?

“We see this as a healthy competition. One thing that has persisted is our singular focus on our core values. This is a culture that celebrates entrepreneurship and innovation. It is neither hierarchy, nor protocol based”, Anup Jindal, CEO and Joint Managing Director says.

In a world driven by ambition, is this an emerging trend with young India looking beyond the swanky offices and the fat pay cheques?

“I do see a shift in the market. Today the younger generation is much smarter and know what they want. Money and creature comforts are important, but nothing replaces job satisfaction”, Jindal says.

As the country is germinating into a healthy ground for startups, is the prospect of building a healthy eco-system an expensive proposition, or is it something every company can weave into their structures?

“RMSI’s policies are home-grown. They are simple, straightforward and no-frills. That has given us the differentiating factor. It’s more an investment in time and effort”, Gagan Jyot, HR head says.

So what’s the bottom-line to run an organization well?

“Treat others in your company the way you like to be treated yourself”, Jindal asserts.

(Image credit: Indiatimes)