Is This Concept Suitcase From Israel The Next Big Revolution That The Luggage Industry Needs?

When it comes to suitcases, there are couple of brands such as VIP, American Tourister and Samsonite that cross our mind. Apart from small innovations and few design changes most of them look the same and provide the same kind of travel flexibility. 2 or 4 Wheels, array of colours and graphics, plastic and toughened cloth enclosure are some of the things that these suitcases bring with them. Nothing big to fancy.

However, a company from Israel is trying to revolutionaries the industry with their neat new product. It’s called FUGU Luggage. It is new type of suitcase that looks like a carry-on bag, but can be expanded to a level that it becomes a check-in mammoth. The company also showcases it as the luggage not for the primitives, but for the modern man.

Made out of ABS plastics the bag expands with the help of inflatable stitch walls that grow it to a size of 27-inches from 9-inches. The company claims that shelves can be put easily in the expanded bag, so that everything can be neatly placed and also one can hang shirts or coats.


A very interesting concept if you ask as. The project is on Kickstarter and has already raised almost 200,000 USD with 741 people are backing it up. FUGU Luggage will be available for $ 245 and people who have pledged or pre-ordered will get their orders in September, 2015. Check out the initial video of the project, which takes you through this nifty little, rather large travel bag.

Image: FUGU Kickstarter page