It turns out those cameras on top of the mystery Apple van COULD be used for a self driving car

We're learning more about Apple's mystery van that's been seen driving around San Francisco.

It turns out the car does have the equipment to be a self-driving car, but it's probably just used for mapping, according to a Wired report.
Here's what you need to know:
  • The van is definitely registered to Apple
  • Apple hired a roboticist from Yale in 2013
  • Apple is hiring robotics engineers to work "in a unique development team"
  • Dhruv Batra, an assistant professor UVA, said Apple's van has "the necessary equipment to be a self-driving vehicle"
  • Registering the van so clearly to Apple could be an attempt to drum up PR buzz or misdirect the public
  • It's most likely a mapping car to improve Apple Maps
  • Apple could just be surveying local roads with the van, and we could be getting way ahead of ourselves