Jeff Bezos was ridiculed by 'South Park' as a giant-brained, telepathic super villain

Jeff Bezos South Park

Comedy Central/YouTube

Jeff Bezos in "South Park."

  • "South Park" poked fun at Amazon on Wednesday, portraying Jeff Bezos as a sinister, giant-headed supervillain.
  • The episode also satirised reports of working conditions at Amazon's warehouses.

Amazon was the subject of a "South Park" roasting on Wednesday, which portrayed CEO Jeff Bezos as a giant-brained, telepathic supervillain.

The episode, titled "Unfulfilled" after Amazon's fulfilment centers (the name it gives its warehouses), satirised reports of Amazon's working conditions, as Butters' father works inside a warehouse.
At one point a montage showed him working to "Sixteen Tonnes," a song about working in a coal mine made famous by Tennesee Ernie Ford in the 1950s.

Bezos appears as a supervillain with an enormous head who communicates telepathically. He intimidates the mayor, threatening repercussions after the town's Amazon workers go on strike.

Amazon's working conditions have been called into question by numerous reports, and on Wednesday 24 warehouse workers in New Jersey were hospitalised when an automated machine punctured a 9-ounce can of bear spray.

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