Jimmy Kimmel finds a replacement for Bill O'Reilly's Fox News show

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Like many of the late-night hosts on Wednesday, Jimmy Kimmel couldn't resist poking fun at the big news that Bill O'Reilly has been dropped by Fox News

The cable news network cut ties with O'Reilly following a barrage of sexual-harassment allegations. The successful political commentator heard the news while on vacation.

"Fox News decided to extend Bill's vacation to forever," Kimmel said on his show.

Kimmel also gave an exclusive look at O'Reilly's "replacement," which was in fact a bit with Kimmel's security-guard sidekick, Guillermo Rodriguez, as the host of a parody Fox News show called "The Guillerm O'Factor."

Guillermo, with the tagline "The No La Vuelta Zone," spouts off in an aggressive O'Reilly-type manner about President Donald Trump needing to play a lot of golf because "he's fat." He also claims that the reason Tom Brady didn't attend the New England Patriots' visit to the White House is that he's gay.

Guillermo then teased a "sexy girls with no pants" segment.

Needless to say, this won't be hitting the airwaves of Fox News.

Watch the entire bit here:


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