Jon Stewart Mocks The US Response To North Korea After 'The Interview' Fiasco


Jon Stewart the interviewComedy Central/"The Daily Show"

After a holiday break, Jon Stewart returned to "The Daily Show" Monday night to tackle the recent controversy surrounding "The Interview."


"Seth Rogen and James Franco's film 'The Interview' opened to one particularly nasty review," Stewart explained, before showing news clips about the Sony hackers' response to the film.

Stewart concluded: "Listen North Korea, you can mess with a lot of things; our postal system, our water supply, but when you start f---ing with out holiday releases - the precious cinematic delights we partake in to avoid having to talk to our families - you've stepped on a landmine."

The show then ran news clips about the U.S. sanctions against North Korea in response.

north korea newsComedy Central/"Daily Show"

"I just want to interrupt very quickly," Stewart chimed in. "So in all the sanctions we've had on North Korea, North Korea's KGB and their arms dealers were still allowed to use our banking system? Not that, on average, they didn't make our banking system less evil."


Following the Sony hack, President Obama put North Korea back on the United States' list of states that sponsor terrorism. In response, Stewart joked about Kim Jong-un: "You made the list, buddy. That goes on your permanent record. Good luck, Kim Jong-un, getting into Oberlin's pre-med program now."

Stewart continued: "If we're sending a message North Korea a message about this Sony hack, we have to make Kim Jong un quake in his very tiny, but expensive boots."

Jon Stewart north korea Kim Jong-unComedy Central/"The Daily Show"

"But I guess our anger is no surprise, these hackers violated our privacyThey read our emails, what kind of a country does that?" Stewart said sarcastically before showing news clips about Edward Snowden's revelation that the NSA can read emails, chats and personal conversations.

NSA news clipComedy Central/"The Daily Show"

"Well at least when we spy on us, we have the decency to not leak mean sh-- about Angelina Jolie," Stewart concluded. "Monsters!"

angelina jolie jon stewartComedy Central/"The Daily Show"


Watch the full "Daily Show" clip below: