Is your next delivery boy also an autowallah? It's because of Jugnoo.

Is your next delivery boy also an autowallah? It's because of Jugnoo.

Jugnoo is India’s most popular auto rickshaw aggregator startup covering 40 cities and around 40,000 rides a day, according to the company.

Business Insider caught up with Isha Singla, Co-founder, Jugnoo to understand the company’s vision on utilizing their auto rickshaw drivers for delivery of fruits and vegetables, fresh meals and even products!

Isha had this to say-‘Jugnoo wants to be a hyper-local business. Whether it is delivery of people, products, food or groceries, we wish to utilize our platform to the maximum.’
And it would seem so. With the company launching two delivery services namely ‘Dodo’ and ‘Fatafat’ in Chandigarh, the company is rapidly using its vast auto rickshaw network to the fullest.

So what is ‘Dodo’? Dodo is not the extinct bird here, but the B2B delivery service, which lets local vendors use Jugnoo for delivery for a nominal per-delivery cost. This kind of service helps Mom & pop shops and small vendors who cannot afford to keep a separate delivery vertical.

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Known brands like Ferns & petals are also using this service to deliver fresh flowers in select cities.

‘Fatafat is the fruits & vegetables vertical where the company directly sources from the farmer or the wholesale market to keep costs minimal and quality checked’ explains Isha. ‘We have divided this vertical into two categories –Organic & Normal to suit the needs of the metropolitan consumer.’

In Fatafat, they have also included meal deliveries from small businesses. Isha said that the company wants to focus on the average Indians- ‘An average Indian takes an auto every day instead of a cab. He would want to get an affordable service for food delivery where a ‘thali’ costs him Rs. 50 while giving him different options.’ The ‘ready to eat’ daily-changing menu includes premium sandwiches, meal combos, and exclusive desserts,
among others without any minimum order price which is great for the working bachelors.

In the future, Isha wants Jugnoo to deliver anything and everything for you. If you’ve forgotten something important someplace, you can ask Jugnoo to pick it up for you, in the future.

Thriving on its well-established network of auto-rickshaws and engaging the workforce in the logistics of the new business, the orders will be delivered by Jugnoo drivers, during their free time.

So what incentive does the auto-driver get? Isha explains, ‘They earn extra income due to more rides/ access to demand. The company takes 10% commission from them for each ride.’
So now don’t be surprised to find your auto-driver coming over to deliver you your next order!