LEAKED: LG's Android-Powered Smartwatch Will Have 4GB Of Storage, And 36 Hours Of Battery Life




More information about the LG G Watch, one of the first smartwatches that will run on Google's Android Wear platform, has leaked out.


According to Twitter account @upleaks (via 9to5Google) the G Watch's battery should last for 36 hours on a single charge.

It'll also come with 4GB of onboard storage, which means you'll presumably be able to store 4GB worth of apps, songs and games directly on the watch.

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As expected, it'll use Bluetooth 4.0 to pair with your smartphone.

Here's the allegedly leaked spec sheet a photo of the watch's back panel posted by @upleaks.


LG's G Watch will join the Moto 360 in being among the first Android Wear-powered watches to hit the market. LG unveiled the wrist-worn gadget when Google took the wraps off Android Wear back in March, but the company has yet to provide any concrete details about the watch. The G Watch is rumored to debut before July and could cost £180 in the UK (or about $300), according to PocketLint.

Android Wear is Google's uniform standard version of Android optimized for wearable devices.

The software functions a lot like Google Now in the sense that you'll be able to talk to your watch to quickly perform tasks such as checking the weather or searching through Google. It's designed to offer notifications and information relevant to you at a glance, preventing the need to whip out your phone.


We expect to learn more about the Android Wear platform in general at Google's annual I/O conference, which takes place June 25-26. Some rumors are even suggesting the G Watch will be given out to I/O attendees.