Leaked screenshots show that Apple is working on a troubleshooting app

Apple is planning on making troubleshooting problems easier without visiting a physical Apple Store, according to screenshots leaked to uSwitch.

The new app, which is as-yet unreleased, asks "basic questions to boil down the problem quickly," according to a source who spoke to uSwitch. A user can then book an appointment, talk to a representative, or send their device in for a service.

Apple Help App

Sonny Dickson / Twitter

The app can recognise a user's devices via Apple ID.

The current app, which also doubles as a way to use the Apple Store, is currently limited to booking a "Genius Bar" appointment. The new app is likely an attempt to limit the number of un-needed appointments.

Apple Help App

Sonny Dickson / Twitter

The app is designed to help cut-down on the amount of unneeded Store appointments.

According to uSwitch, the app knows which Apple devices you use when you log-in with an Apple ID and can help identify solutions based on this information.

It's unclear at what stage the app is at and when it will be released.

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