Look Ma No Card, Now You Can Take Out Cash From An ICICI ATM Within India Without A Debit Card

Futuristic living is here and ICICI bank is leading the way. ICICI bank has introduced a facility where users can transfer money to anywhere in the country to a person having a mobile number. The other person can withdraw the money at any time from any ICICI ATM in India, even if they do not have an ICICI debit card.

The facility is available at over 10,000 ATM locations in the country. At the moment the sending service is only available to people who have a valid ICICI bank account. However, people who are receiving the cash need not have an account with the private bank. To do this the account holder can send cash using the internet banking facility. Here sender needs to register the recipient’s name, mobile number and address.

The sender will get a four-digit security code and the receiver will get a 6 digit reference code over SMS. After which the recipient can withdraw money using his mobile number and the reference code. Not bad at all.


This is an easy way to send money across the country as money orders at times are not safe and the post office does charge to send cash. This is next-gen living that ICICI bank is showcasing. Wonder what they will come up with next.