MUST WATCH: Do you know where the money you pay for tax is being used?

Every month you sulk when substantial amount of tax is credited from your account, but like sheep in a herd, you continue paying without having any proper knowledge of where every single penny of your hard-earned money is going. What's bizarre is you don't even seek any information! Is it getting utilised or wasted? Is it going to light up houses in our villages, get toilets in schools, change the face of Indian roads or is it just filling the pockets of the corrupt?

Even as these questions hound you, me, all of us taxpayers, who wants to get up and take the pain of questioning the government and ensuring its accountability, no?

You and I may not want to, but a bunch of young boys out there are trying to drive the change in their own unique way. They are trying to wake up people like us before the Budget session strikes. And what for? So that we speak up. So that common voices are noticed and heard in the Parliament. So that our money finds its way into the right places.

Here's a Hinglish video where they want to give you a piece of their mind #MeriCashKiskiAish and tell you where your tax is bring used!
If you care or are beginning to, there's a Narendra Modi government's portal waiting out there for you to take notice and SPEAK UP. It’s the last day, please do!

(Image credit: BCCL)
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