Make in India: Now Mercedes Benz buses to be exported from India

Make in India: Now Mercedes
Benz buses to be exported from India
The world's largest truck manufacterer Daimler AG will export luxury buses for Mercedes Benz to countries in Africa and South East Asia.

This is the first time Mercedes in exporting luxury vehicles out of India. The current busses have been designed, built and adopted for the local market.

Hartmut Schick, head of Daimler Buses told reporters, "We will be exporting both the bus chassis and fully built buses from India. The chassis exported will be used for Mercedes Benz Buses. We have already exported 150 chassis to Egypt, we are negotiating with Indonesia, Africa, so there are lot of markets to cater to. For fully built buses we may look at Nigeria in Africa and some of the South East Asian Markets."

The company is currently in the process of surveying possible markets in the two continents. The exports are set to begin from next year.

Volvo is also planning to export buses to some of the developed countries some time in the coming quarters.
There is no doubt that India with its cost advantage and focus on quality has established itself as an attractive export base for top auto companies.

(Image credit: Daimler)