Matthew McConaughey's brother is hosting a humorous new 'Shark Tank'-like investment reality show on CNBC

rooster mcconaughey


Rooster McConaughey (R) stars in "West Texas Investors Club" on CNBC.

Matthew McConaughey isn't the only star in his family: Mike "Rooster" McConaughey - a self-made millionaire investor and Matthew's older brother - is now the star of a new reality series called "West Texas Investors Club."

The show, which premieres on Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CNBC, has been billed as a mix between "Shark Tank" and "Survivor." As the stars of the program, Rooster and his business partner, Wayne "Butch" Gilliam, fly aspiring entreprenuers to Texas on private jets and decide whether or not to invest in their products.

Unlike the hosts of similar reality shows, Rooster and Butch vet their potential investments through a series of very personal - and often hilarious - examinations.

"We're more about the people, basically," McConaughey told Business Insider. "Sometimes we'll pick up a glitch in their personality, and we'll test that a little bit ...  The deal's gotta be decent, but the person counts as much or more as the deal does."

west texas investors club


Rooster and Butch sit down with an entrepreneur on their set in Midland, Texas.

Over the course of the season's eight episodes, Rooster and Butch meet with 16 entreprenuers and end up investing a total of $1.97 million in products ranging from apps and eyewear to guitars and barbeque sauces. 

The show breaks down into several parts: first, the entreprenuers pitch their ideas; then, in a segment that Rooster calls "scenarios," the two hosts test the product out in the real world, all while evaluating the character of the entrepreuner through a series of challenges.

west texas investors club


Rooster dons a ridiculous live action role playing outfit in one of the show's "scenarios."

In one episode, Rooster tests out an app that allows you to order drinks at a busy bar, while his partner Butch orders the old-fashioned way and get his drinks faster.

"The son of a b---- cheats," McConaughey joked about his business partner. 

By the final segment, if they think the product and the entreprenuer have potential, Rooster and Butch will sit the guest down and settle on a deal through some tough talk and, often, a lowering of expectations.

"The figures [the entreprenuers] come in with are out of sight," McConaughey said. "And there's times where we might beat them up a little too hard in other people' opinions, but [when] we do, there's really not much there."

In an exclusive clip from the show, Rooster and Butch become annoyed with an entreprenuer named AJ who clashes with them, and Rooster ends up throwing a Miller Lite can at the unruly guest:

According to Rooster, the beer can he threw was "empty."

"I would never throw a full beer at anybody, I can tell you that," McConaughey said. "Not because I wouldn't hurt them ... It's a waste."

Alcohol happens to be a dominant feature of the program - "Let's you get to know somebody better," Rooster said - and of McConaughey's life altogether. In an interview with People magazine, Rooster revealed that he named his children, Miller Lyte and Margarita Olympia, after his favorite alcoholic beverages. 

And though his brother, Matthew, hasn't seen the show yet, Rooster is nonetheless excited to knock his younger sibling off of his spot as the only McConaughey in show business. 

"We're gonna surprise everybody," McConaughey said.

Watch the trailer for "West Texas Investors Club" below:

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