Meet Harish Dhandev, the man who became millionaire just by farming aloe vera plants in Rajasthan


Most people in India born in family of farmers’ dream of cracking a government job. But Harish Dhandev is unlike the most of them. He had a government job and he wasn’t much happy. Working as a junior engineer with Jaisalmer Municipal Council, Harish once visited an agri-expo in Delhi. That has been the turning point in his life.

He quit his job and started cultivating aloe vera and other crops on his 120 acres of farmland. And that was it. While most farmers in Rajasthan grow bazra, wheat and moong, Harish started with babie densis’, a variety of aloe vera which is so good that it has a high demand in Brazil, Hong Kong and America as well.

And that paid off. Harish has now set up his own company ‘Naturelo Agro’ at Dhaisar, 45 kilometres from Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. There the aloe vera produce is supplied as raw material for Patanjali for making aloe vera juie and gel.

Because of the arid climate and sandy soil, aloe vera in Thar Desert is known for its quality. Initially Harish had planted around 80,000 saplings, which has now grown seven 7 lakhs. Last quarter, Harish has sent 125-150 tonnes of processed aloe vera to Patanjali factory in Uttarakhand.