Meet Harshwardhan Zala, aClass 10 student making drones for the Gujarat government

Meet Harshwardhan Zala, aClass 10 student making drones for the Gujarat government

Harshwardhan Zala is a 14-year-old student who isn’t just another teenager figuring out his life. This child prodigy from Gujarat has just signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) worth Rs 5 crore with the state government at the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, recently.

Harsh, who is a Class 10 student, has designed a smart solution using which drones can not only detect but also diffuse landmines on war fields, saving many lives in the process.

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The teenager has built three prototypes to clinch the deal with the Department of Science and Technology in Gujarat.
He is very efficient too, as he has spent about Rs. 5 lakh in building his prototypes and has also named his own company, ‎Aerobotics7 Tech Solutions.

The drone solutions that the boy has been working on are outfitted with an infrared sensor, thermal meter and an RGB sensor with a 21-megapixel built-in camera.

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During a war, the army can potentially send these drones to survey minefields, pick up the locations of landmines, and submit their findings to the base-station remotely and the drones can also bomb landmines they spot.

He also has very supportive parents that keep encouraging him in his scientific inventions. They spent Rs. 2 lakh to fund his first two prototypes before the government decided to help him.

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With the future looking so bomb, he might just be the innovator that India has been lacking for some time now.