Meet Shalabh Kumar, the Indian American who is donating nearly $900,000 to Donald Trump’s campaign

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Shalabh ‘Shalli' Kumar, a Chicago-based Indian American industrialist is grabbing headlines for being one of the biggest donors for Donald Trump’s election campaign.

Kumar, who is the owner of an electronics manufacturing company and has also founded the Republican Hindu Coalition, is donating a whopping $898,000 (approximately Rs 6 crores) towards Trump’s victory campaign.

He has already wired $449,000- the maximum amount one can donate to the campaign to the Trump Victory Fund last Saturday and his wife is going to send another round of equal amount to the Trump Victory fund thus totaling a maddening $898,800.

Praising Trump for his policies on Pakistan and his views on Muslim profiling, Kumar was quoted claiming that ‘this is just a start- a sort of seed money.

Reportedly, he was initially worried about the Republican nominee’s views on Indians taking away jobs from Americans but his worries were put to rest when he personally met Trump and clarified that he is convinced Trump sees India as a possible ally and Pakistan as one far from it.

It is interesting to note that Kumar is also one of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s most influential supporter in the US.

Kumar’s Republican Hindu Coalition which was founded in November last year works towards strengthening Indian-Americans as a voting bloc and as a non-profit entity, will not be coordinating with the Trump campaign, but is generally supportive of Donald Trump.

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