Meet the Tech Startup that won hearts at the TiE-ISB Connect 2016. It teaches Maths using Gamification

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Sugar Maths, a Hyderabad based Startup, announced that it has been adjudged as the Best Technology Startup at the TiE-ISB Connect 2016 held in Hyderabad.

Based on the latest research in Neuroscience of learning and Psychology of motivation, ‘Sugar Maths’ is making Maths appealing using gamification. It is an Advanced Mental Maths Program for students of classes 1 to 10. It covers complete maths topics across CBSE, ICSE, State Boards and international curricula like IB/IGCSE.

Multi-sensory learning techniques have been incorporated for strong and lasting memory engrams to ensure that the learning is retained for years without loss. Mnemonic techniques for instant memorization have been used as part of Maths Tricks. This aids quick internalization and recall of important mathematical concepts that provide a strong foundation for advanced Maths skills. ‘Sugar Maths’ has tried to interweave all these exceptional features in a fun, engaging and addictive game format that has students addicted to its App.

Students are expected to stick to this 10-minute daily routine for the very best results.

Delighted to receive the award at the TiE-ISB summit, Neeraj Jewalkar, the founder of Sugar Maths said, “We have developed a proprietary methodology called Variable Keystone Active Space Technique (vKast) to improve learning. vKast is the synthesis of the latest developments in how various regions of the brain function to help learning and memorization. This technique not only leverages the concepts of Crystallized and Fluid Intelligence but also incorporates deep insights based on the psychology of motivation.”

He added that he wants Sugar Maths to make students take more interest in Maths, develop mastery and have an overall positive approach to the subject “not only in academic life but also for personal growth.”

Neeraj Jewalkar holds a degree in Aerospace Engineering from IIT Kharagpur. He has spent 7 years studying and analyzing the latest research in Neuroscience of learning and Psychology of Motivation. vKast has been developed based on the applications of this research on learning outcomes especially for school going children of classes 1 to 10.
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