Meet the 10 rising stars of fall TV you need to know

fall 2016 tv rising stars


From left, Alfonso Herrera, Tori Anderson, and Corey Hawkins.

There's a fantastic crop of talent starring on new television shows this fall.

Business Insider took a look at the pilots, canvassed the first-look clips, and chose a pretty dynamic list of newbies to watch over the next few months.

This year's list represents some real dedication among TV producers to reflect diversity in their casting. It also includes actors and actresses you may recognize from some of your favorite shows already.Advertisement

Unlike our list of fall TV's biggest stars, these people have yet to lead a series (though some will do that now) or become a household name. But among fall's freshman class, these are the talented individuals who will likely become the center of water-cooler conversations.

Meet 10 fresh faces of the fall 2016 TV season: