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In the summer of 2014, Gunjan Indrayan and his wife Pranjali decided to move back to India after over 10 years in USA.

Having vacationed in over 15 countries together, the couple not only shared a common love for travelling but also a realisation that they wanted to start their own venture- one that would enable people to experience their dream holidays sans any effort.

Ultimately their big move finally happened a year later in April 2015. The couple relocated to India with their daughter and three months later, launched Tripoetic.

For the couple, the fun part of any vacation is the planning stage- right from the itinerary, tickets, figuring accommodation etc.

This is exactly what they are offering through Tripoetic, an online platform that personalises and plans trip for people. An underlying principle of their business is also the staunch dislike for the one-size-fits-all packages.

“It’s time people move away from the age-old way of taking a trip-accepting a group package or nodding along to whatever their travel agents say. At Tripoetic, we want to give every customer a personalised trip, one that is exclusive to them and their budget,” Gunjan Indrayan tells me.

He further adds that they have no pre-planned itinerary and every trip they plan is done right from scratch. Tripoetic’s end to end holiday plan will include just about everything that one will need during the trip- flights, accommodations, sightseeing, guided tours, local transportation, shopping trips, restaurant recommendations, road trips, unique experiences and much more.

“Apart from planning the trip, we are also happy to make all the booking and visa arrangements. However if you want to do the bookings on your own, we are also happy to limit ourselves only to the planning,” Gunjan adds.

He wants Tripoetic to be viewed as a one-stop resource for everything vacation related. Planning for one single trip can take anywhere between 48 hours to as long as a week.

Getting your trip planned by them consists of very simple steps. Just log on to their website and click on the ‘Plan my trip’ option. Answer a few basic questions such as Preferred Destination, Departure City, Budget, Number of Travellers, Travel Interests, Accomodation Preferences and wait for the dup to get in touch with you and work their magic.

However, the duo only undertakes international travel planning and generally doesn't do domestic travel planning. Though, they are happy to make an exception. According to Gunjan, the three popular destinations with their customers are Europe, Bali and New Zealand.

The startup which as of the moment is bootstrapped does not have a fixed charge for their services. Instead, they charge a percentage of the estimated cost of the trip.

Gunjan claims that they don’t have any plans of raising any funds at the moment. “We’ll think about it once we grow a little more. Our main priority right now is to not lose the essence of the company.”

When asked about the USP of their startup, Gunjan is quick to reply. "The flexibility that we provide our customers makes us stand out. We are happy to work under any number of parameters given to us and yet give you an unforgettable holiday."

So, the next time you’re in a mood for a vacation, but don’t want to do all the planning, just leave the stress with Tripoeticm who’ll ensure you view the world as a traveller and not just a tourist.

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