Meet the young team helping BlackRock modernize trading


BlackRock electronic trading Iseult Conlin and Bryan Cameron


BlackRock traders Iseult Conlin and Bryan Knapp.

Investing giant BlackRock is revolutionizing the way it trades, and it has a team of twenty-somethings helping lead the way.


The firm, which manages $4.6 trillion in assets, is turning to electronic trading to help solve the market constraints it faces.

It pairs young workers who are more adept at using technology with more experienced hands who know how to do things the old-fashioned way. Together, they look for new solutions to problems like shrinking market liquidity.

"We have a nice combination of experience and young talent driving some of the change," Supurna VedBrat, BlackRock's deputy head of trading and cohead of electronic trading and market structure, told Business Insider.

"Your 25-year-old may come up with a brilliant idea that somebody with 20 years' experience may not come up with just because they've been so attuned to the status quo."


We spoke to four young BlackRock traders about how they're helping drive change at the world's largest asset manager.