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Microsoft-Endorser Gwen Stefani Took A Picture With Dr. Dre On Their Way To The Apple Launch Event

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Apple's product launch event on Tuesday was filled with celebrities and high profile attendees. U2 closed out the product announcement with a performance, while celebs including and Dr. Oz were spotted in the crowd.

Singer Gwen Stefani also made her presence at the event, too.

Stefani posted this image to Instagram and Twitter, showing her with Dr. Dre on his swanky private plane, on their way to the Apple product launch event. Cue the insane jealousy. The only problem though? Stefani has actually been a spokesperson for Microsoft's Windows Phone.

She starred in a campaign for the Windows Phone 8 in late 2012, along with Jessica Alba. Interestingly enough, Alba was also spotted using an iPhone during Fashion Week last year.

Here's a look at one of Stefani's spots for the Windows Phone:

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