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Microsoft ads target Apple by claiming Windows 10 PCs 'Do More' than Macs

The bug chicks


The Bug Chicks are impressed by Windows' new features in the ad campaign.

Microsoft has launched a new campaign for Windows 10 PCs, directly targeting Apple Macs.

The videos feature two teachers - known as "The Bug Chicks" - being impressed by several new Windows PC features, which do not exist on Mac.

The attributes missing from Apple Macs, which are wired into the new PCs, include a voice search assistant, a face recognition login, and a touchscreen, the ads explain."Even on the new Macs, they don't have that," one of the women says in the first video, after the facial recognition login feature works faultlessly.

The next video shows the touchsceen, which can be used to directly draw onto the computer.

Finally, we're introduced to Cortana, Windows 10's personal voice assistant, which can be used to find any file. However, Apple is not far behind. Its version, Siri, is expected to come to Mac later this year, reports Mac Rumors.

The videos end with the tag-line "Windows 10 PCs do more."

The new ads are reminiscent of a time when the two companies often engaged in mud slinging via ads.

Apple had a long-running "Get a Mac" ad series in the mid-to-late-2000s, which Microsoft responded to with its "I'm a PC" ad campaign.

Here's every "Get a Mac" ad:

And here's one of the "I'm a PC" spots from Microsoft:

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