Microsoft's virtual assistant Cortana has arrived on Macs before Siri


Parallels 11


Cortana on OS X.

One of Windows 10's core features is Cortana, a Siri-like virtual assistant that can help with a number of tasks such as finding information online, adding calendar events and so on by understanding voice commands. Originally built into Windows Phone, Cortana made its way to Windows desktops in the latest update - and now Cortana is headed to Mac. 

Engadget reports that the latest version of Parallels, the popular visualization software for Mac OS X, includes support for Windows 10 bringing with it an ability to access Cortana. Apple has not yet made Siri available to OS X users which means that those who wish to control their computer via voice commands could end up using Microsoft's software. 

In a video, a Parallels 11 developer asks Cortana questions about the weather, time zones and currency conversion and the responses are quick and accurate. One of the noticeable points about this integration is that Cortana can work from within "Coherence mode," a setting that allows Windows apps to run 'natively' on OS X, i.e. without having to jump into a different operating system. 

Besides bringing a virtual assistant to Mac before Apple's own Siri, Parallels 11 can load Windows up to 50% faster and includes a new Travel Mode which can use up to 25% less battery. 

Parallels 11 is available today as a one-time purchase of £64.99 with a beefier Pro Edition that costs £69.99 a year. 

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