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Struggling with your monthly budget? Look no further. Here's Money View to the rescue of all shopaholics. Money View is a mobile app which is for personal money management. It makes personal money management really simple, smart and secured for individuals.

"It is an app to help young independent individuals to stay financially fit along their financial journey," said Puneet Agarwal, co-founder of Money View.


The current version of the app has three big components.

The first component gives the consumers a single view of where their money is. It lists out all the financial accounts that one has like bank accounts, credit card accounts, loan accounts. Get a graphical view of your 'Available to spend' before you hit your budget.

The second component tells you where your money is going. How you are spending your money?

"We have a technology that in an automated fashion keeps track of all your expenses, on a month to month basis," he said.

It also auto-categorises your spending; it assembles facts like out of 50,000 bucks you have spent so much on food, rent, shopping each.

The third component is the app is integrated with tools for users to start making better financial decisions. The first tool is budget management tool. It enables real-time budget management. You can set up your budget for a particular month and in any given point of time the app will tell you how much more you can spend in the remainder of the month.

It sends you alerts in the morning like 'Hey! You have only Rs. 5000 to stay in budget.'

How does it work

This Android app uses information from SMSes sent from banks, merchants and other billers; auto tracks, monitors and analyses the incomes and spends of users. There by allowing the users to make sound financial decisions. Thus enabling end-consumers manage their day-to-day expenses and finances in today's disorganized finance sector.

"The app reads through your SMSes after taking permission from the users. Users don't have to manually give any data nor have to link their bank accounts to the app," said Puneet.


"We are planning to introduce some digital features soon that will not only allow you to save money but also to invest that money better according to your financial goals," added Puneet.


Financial sector is undergoing a head-over-heels change and they aspire to be the company that would lead innovation in the sector.

With seeing users, and not technology as the main focus of their app, a proud co-founder said, "We have million downloads already and we are growing very fast. We expect to be up 5 million downloads in the next 6-12 months."

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