Morgan Stanley: 75 Billion Devices Will Be Connected To The Internet Of Things By 2020


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ReadWrite discusses the current state of the Internet Of Things and just how big the market can get in the near future.

Cisco thinks about 50 billion devices will be connected by 2020, after coming out with an earlier analysis in January that claimed 8.7 billion connected devices in 2012.

A separate analysis from Morgan Stanley feels that number can actually be as high as 75 billion, and also claims that there are 200 unique consumer devices or equipment that could be connected to the Internet that have not yet done so.


There's no reason to doubt that devices connected to the Internet Of Things will soon be flooding the mass market. We'll see compact, connected sensors and actuators make their way onto everyday consumer electronics, household appliances, and on general infrastructure.

Networks and semiconductor manufacturers no doubt will benefit from this movement, but big data vendors should also be cheering. With any and all things connected to the Internet, that opens up more real-time data inventory to sell. Read >

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