NaMo Fever Grips Indian-Americans At Madison Square

Amid the loud chants of “Modi, Modi” at Madison Square Garden (MSG), India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is currently on a five-day visit to the US, addressed a gathering of thousands of people on Sunday.

The Prime Minister received a warm welcome by a large population of India-American, inspired by Modi’s rags-to-riches story, along with a group of Senators.

The event did not restrict to the boundaries of the MSG as many NRIs also gathered at Times Square to watch the Prime Ministers speech live, which was broadcast on a big screen there. Notably, Indian-Americans make up the third-largest Asian-American group in the US and lead these groups in terms of income and education, according to Pew Research Centre.

At Business Insider India, we decided to bring some of the highlights of the much-awaited speech of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which he delivered at the MSG.

NaMo Greets Indian-Americans On Navratri
Greeting people on the auspicious occasion of Navratri, Narendra Modi said that it is a phase to make yourself pure.

"Navratri is the time to purify the self. The fact that I got to meet all of you during this auspicious time is my privilege," he told a rapturously cheering Indian diaspora at the MSG.

Will Never Do Anything To Put You Down: PM
At the MSG, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that winning elections is not for sitting on a seat but a responsibility, noting that he hasn’t even taken a 15-minute break since taking over the helm of the country.

Indians Create Magic With Mouse: Modi
Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again stressed that India was once known as a world of snake charmers, now with help of 'mouse' the people of the country have woven magic in the world of information and technology (IT).

"I was in Taiwan some years ago; someone wanted to ask a question and was hesitating. He asked if I won't feel bad, I said go ahead. He said I heard India is a land of black magic and snake charmers. I said no, our forefathers maybe would play with snakes but we play with the (computer) mouse," he said in his address.

Modi Praises Success Of India's Mangalyaan
Speaking of the ISRO's Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), the Prime Minister said, "India is the first country in the world that has had a successful Mars mission in the first try. We reached Mars in a
smaller budget than that of a Bollywood film. That is the talent of our country."

PM Calls For ‘Make in India’
In a bid to boost up the Indian economy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited the Indian-Americans and other US citizens to invest in India.

“If you want human resources and low-cost production, then India is your destination. I invite you to the Make in India initiative,” he said

Modi Announces Visa On Arrival
Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that PIO card holders, who have faced visa issues, will get lifelong visas. He said, "Those who stay in India for a long time have to go to the police station, now they won't have to."

"I have been told that due to differences between PIO and OCI people face difficulties, especially those who have spouses who are not Indians. I am happy to announce that we will merge the PIO and OCI schemes and make it into one," he added.

I Will Make Bharat Of Your Dreams: Modi
Concluding his hour-long address, Narendra Modi thanked the 20,000-strong gathering gathered at the MSG for their love.

"You have so much love for me, probably no other Indian leader has received this kind of love... Mein iska karz chukaoonga (I shall repay this debt), to make the Bharat of your dreams," Modi said amidst the loud chant of "Modi, Modi".
(Image: FB page of Prime Minister Narendra Modi)
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