No Uber in your City? Why worry when you have friends to go with

Radio-based taxis using internet model have been barred from running in the country. The recent rape case in which an Uber driver had been accused of this crime, has posed a big question on the safety of women in india especially when they are travelling. So what else can anyone do to ensure they can travel with safety being top concern?

So, this is where FrndiNeed (FN) comes into the fore and makes you realize that any friend in need is always the friends indeed. This app has been created by start-up based out of the capital called Smartube Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, the brainchild behind ensuring safety and travelling, always goes hand-in-hand.


The app intelligently locates the nearest friends to your location and allows you to chat with them or poke them to plan a ride together. So, next time when you are alone, just open the app and go on a ride together with your friends.

So how can an application really solve all the safety concerns that creep in every now and then? FrndiNeed makes use of geo-location feature on your smartphone and from there on; you’re able to stay in touch with your closest friends; in terms of relation as well as distance. Once you add friends to the app, you can chat, poke and end up getting the safest ride to home.

In case you miss out on the chance to club with your pal and worried about travelling on your own, then you can send your contacts an SOS alert, asking for immediate help. By adding more contacts to your list, users can even find themselves to the location of the friend closest to his/her vicinity.


FN comes across as a boon to many working professionals, who are on the prowl all day long, or work their shifts during wee hours. Who says technology can’t do good for the people? With FN here’s the perfect and safe way to travel from here on.

The app is currently available for users on Android but we expect iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS among others to be part of the ecosystem in the coming months.

Image: cnd.youthkiawaaz