Office For iPad Has Been Downloaded 27 Million Times, Doubled In A Month, Microsoft Says

Julia White office for ipad


Microsoft Julia White

Microsoft says Office for iPad, released about six weeks ago, is already a runaway success.

The app has been downloaded about 27 million times, Microsoft's Julia White told the crowd during Monday's keynote at its TechEd customer conference in Houston. White is general manager of Microsoft's Office Division.

That's more than double the number of downloads Microsoft reported just over a month ago, on April 3, a week after launch. Microsoft tweeted then that Office for iPad had been downloaded more than 12 million times.
Office for iPad is a free app but only for people who have paid subscriptions to Microsoft's cloud version of Office, Office 365. It costs consumers about $100 a year.

In April, Microsoft said it had 4.4 million paid users of the personal versions of Office for iPad.

That means most of those 27 million downloads are from business users with corporate Office 365 accounts.

That's a good news/bad news thing for Microsoft. It means its cash cow business, Office, remains popular with companies even as they buy an increasing number of iPads instead of Windows tablets.