Oklahoma Restaurant Owner Says He Won't Serve Homosexuals In On-Air Rant

An Oklahoma restaurant owner is under fire for saying that he won't serve "freaks," homosexuals, or people on welfare.

"I've been in business 44 years, I think I can spot a freak or a fa**ot," Gary's Chicaro Club owner Gary James told NBC affiliate KFOR-TV. "I really don't want gays around."

Asked why he wouldn't serve homosexuals, he said, "Any man that would compromise his body would compromise anything."

One customer says James allegedly turned him away because he's in a wheelchair. KFOR-TV says the restaurant's t-shirt has also been criticized as offensive.

"The shirt features derogatory slogans against homosexuals, it has the N-word on the front and threatens violence against Muslims, minorities and Democrats," according to KFOR-TV reporter Ashely Kringen.

In response to the criticism, James told KFOR-TV, "If I reached over there and slapped the sh** out of you, you should be offended. But to call someone a 'ch*nk' or someone call me a bigot, that doesn't bother me, why should it bother you?"

Hundreds of people are now hijacking the restaurant's Yelp and Facebook pages, calling it the "best gay club in the States," complete with photos of male strippers, the Consumerist reports.

"I thought this place was going to be cheap," one review says. "But it was the all male review night and I had to whip out all my singles. Despite the lovely views and even lovelier men my burger had way too many sesame seeds. So I have to give it a 2 stars."

Another reviewer wrote, "This gay bar is HOT! Come on Monday for leather night, and they have drag shows on the weekends!"

Some reviewers have defended James, however.

"His store, his right," one supporter wrote. "I don't share his opinions but I will defend his right to have them."

Watch the interview with Gary James:

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