OnePlus to Apple: “Headphone Jack is no rocket science”

Apple’s iPhone launch is probably the most awaited smartphone launch globally. While consumers are eagerly waiting for what Apple has to offer even the smartphone makers are keen to see what Apple comes up with. And during the days leading to the big event we saw many leaks that suggested what the changes are likely to be. And just like in the case of iPhone 7 most of the time the rumours are true. One such rumour was about the missing headphone jack that already saw much criticism before Apple even announced it officially. Now with the confirmation it is sure to get some people more upset. And looks like this feature or rather absence of it has managed to get a response from Chinese smartphone maker, OnePlus. Oneplus is the first among the smartphone makers to react on Apple’s iPhone launch. The company jokingly tweeted about the missing headphone jack saying “You have headphones. The Oneplus3 has a headphone jack. It’s not rocket science” complete with a winky smiley!

Although from the picture we can see the antenna design detail on the back of Oneplus3 similar to the earlier iPhones, iPhone 7 has done away with the antenna and gone for a completely plain back. OnePlus has been extremely popular in India for bringing out hi-end specs at affordable pricing.
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