Samsung A8 vs OnePlus 2: Read on to know who wins

Samsung A8 vs OnePlus 2: Read on to know who wins
Samsung Electronics unveiled the newest member of the Galaxy A family, Galaxy A8 which promises to deliver not only style but cutting-edge technology too. The new addition to its comprehensive portfolio of 4G LTE smartphones is equipped with a narrow bezel allowing for a more immersive viewing experience with rich colours and clarity.

“We at Samsung look to continue our legacy of setting new standards for customer-centric innovation. Our insights have shown that design and camera are key factors for consumers in this price segment. The new Galaxy A8 marries sleek design, powerful performance and enhanced imaging capabilities to bring a superior smartphone experience,” said Asim Warsi, vice president, marketing, IT & mobile at Samsung India.

But is the slimmest Galaxy yet worth the bucks? Here’s why the recently launched OnePlus 2 is likely to be its toughest competitor in the market.

1. Style quotient

OnePlus 2 throws forward a tough fight to Samsung in the very area which it boasts about- design.

Samsung- 5.7 inch.

OnePlus 2- 5.5 inch.

But yes, it is way slimmer than OnePlus 2. While OnePlus 2 is 9.85mm, Galaxy A8 is 5.9 mm. Samsung went over the board on design. It has further reduced the bezel size to 2.5 mm to provide users with a near bezel-less viewing experience.

2. Capture your stunning moments

The Galaxy A8 seems to be a better shooter than OnePlus 2. With an F 1.9 lens for both 16MP main camera and 5MP front camera, it ensures brighter picture in low light and real time HDR.

OnePlus 2 has a 13-megapixel rear camera. Both the smartphones have a 5-megapixel selfie camera.

3. Blazing fast browsing

Samsung is committed to leading the 4G revolution by providing new user experiences & latest technology. For faster 4G speeds, Galaxy A8 comes with category 6 LTE which gives even faster uplink/downlink speeds on 4G networks.

OnePlus 2 is yet to enter this revolution.

4. Industry first safety and security features

Though Samsung boasts of an industry first safety and security features with fingerprints scanners, OnePlus 2 also has the same.

5. Storage

The Galaxy A8 offers expandable storage option via a microSD slot, while the OnePlus 2 doesn’t. The Galaxy A8 has 32GB storage options and OnePlus 2 comes with 64GB internal memory.

6. Battery

The OnePlus 2 has a slightly larger 3,300mAh batter, while the Galaxy A8 has a 3,050mAh battery.

7. OS

Both the smartphones run on Android 5.1 Lollipop, but OnePlus 2 comes with some customization with its custom-made Oxygen OS. Ont the other hand, Samsung’s TouchWiz UI also brings in design changes.

OnePlus 2 is focused on the specifications while Samsung A8 is high on style quotient. But both are going to give each other a hard run for its money in the market.

(Image credits: Indiatimes)