Sex facts from around the world. The ones on India are just amazing!

Sex still might be a taboo world for many, but it is an activity that people of all age groups enjoy. But did it ever occur to you how is sex practiced around the world? When do people of other countries lose their virginity? Well, Durex decided to find out all this and more, and hence interviewed more than 26,000 people in 26 countries and see what they came up with: some interesting insights about sexual habits of people around the world, and India is featured in the list too.

· Virginity: Brazilian lose their virginity by 17 while Indians wait until about the age of 22 to have sex.

· Number of partners: Men, no matter the nationality, report having more heterosexual partners than female counterparts. Mexicans have 14 partners on an average while Indians are again at the bottom of the list with an abysmal 1.

· Frequency: How often do people do it? Though many of you would like to hear every day, the Durex survey suggests that people do it almost three times a week.

· Sexual encounters: An average Indian spends 13.2 minutes on the sack, which is lowest as compared to the spending times of people from other countries.

· Satisfaction: Indians report some of the highest levels of sexual satisfaction around the world.

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