Shout out to restaurateurs! Manage food bills, employees, customers on your finger tips

Shout out to restaurateurs! Manage food bills, employees, customers on your finger tipsAshish Tulsian’s food café in Delhi’s Shalimar Bagh was teeming with customers but something wasn’t going right.

He had invested Rs 20 lakh on his café and was expecting returns up to Rs one lakh every month. But, he could just gather at the most Rs 22,000.

After three months, he realized that his staff was fleecing him at various accounts such as not registering all orders with the owner, tasting meals which led to finishing off lot of food and also taking him on a ride regarding the kitchen stock.

Here’s when he developed a Point of Sale (POS) technology. This technology is spreading slowly in ice-cream parlours and pizza outlets and turning out to be a boon for restaurant owners.

What is POS and how it works?

Using POS, a restaurateur can enter all details in real-time, ranging from kitchen stock to orders taken to customer details, etc.


One can also manage customer waiting by mailing them their turn, manage staff members, set up menu, and many more using POS, which is a cloud-based technology.

“Nowadays, Delhi is dotted with eating joints and food-serving hubs and there is a need to bridge the gap between customers and the restaurants. POSist has taken upon the challenge in making the restaurant owners know what’s happening at their restaurant that too on their fingertips,” said Ashish.

“Cloud based software” is basically a misnomer, which can be based on different interpretation. What it actually implies is that the major part or entire application resides on a cloud server infrastructure and is being used via internet on the client side.

However, POSist works on both,offline and online mode. This has proved to be an advantage for restaurateurs who are remotely located and often don’t have continuous Internet connection.

Additionally, it also helps in cost cutting by eliminating the use of human resource for bill collection at different billing terminals. The entire POS system uses highly integrated mechanism that helps in streamlining number of operations through convenient billing.

"With the influx of so many customers, it is quite important to know what's happening at all the outlets, and it also becomes vital to store information as well. And if the system crashes then the backup is always there, which provides us the security for the successful management,” said Taranjit Singh Giani of Giani ice-cream chain in Delhi who uses the POS.

POSist comes at Rs 12,000 per terminal per year and is already present across 2,200 restaurants in India including Grill Inn, Saleem, Kaati Zone, Hatti Kapi.

Akshay Agarwal who owns Mad Monkey Café in Delhi said, “I have been using this for quite some time now. When I began this café few months back, I had options between software and cloud based service. I chose this. And now I feel this helps me a lot. Practically even if I’m out for many days, my business isn’t affected.”

POSist has already raised Rs 3 crore from Sameer Guglani of Chandigarh-based incubator, The Morpheus, and Muthu Murugappan of the Murugappa Group. Tulsian has plans to collect another Rs 25 crore for international expansion.