Singapore, Dubai Among Top 5 Popular International Attractions For Indian Travellers

Indians love for the shores of Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand is on an all-time high, suggest a study done by global online travel portal The study, which lists top five international destinations for Indians, reveals that Singapore, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and London are Indian’s favourite international holiday destinations.

“Southeast Asian cities again top our most popular international destination list, with Dubai climbing strongly to the number two spot,” said - Jackson Fernandez, managing director of Wego India.

Apart from the top favourites in foreign locations, the study also suggested that Delhi continued to remain as the top destination in the domestic market. “Wego’s large number of business travel users in India have placed Delhi and Mumbai in the top domestic travel destinations this year, while Goa, continues as a favourite amongst holiday travellers with all our top five domestic hotels located in the popular beachside,” added Fernandez. Bengaluru and Chennai too found a place in the top 5 domestic destinations preferred by our travellers.

For long haul destinations, Jet Airways was the most preferred airline followed by Air India, Emirates, Etihad and Malaysia Airlines. On the other hand, Indigo followed by Spicejet, Jet Airways, Air India and Go Air were preferred for domestic travel.

“New domestic airlines, expansion of route services and attractive discounts will continue to add a zing to this sector, while improvements in infrastructure will help the domestic travel market grow with travellers seeking out new serviced destinations,” averred Fernandez.

The study has forecasted that inbound tourism will grow substantially following the implementation of visa on arrival for 43 countries. Also, the hotel industry is expected to address the issue of shortage of room inventory especially in the budget segment of the sector.

“Currently an undersupply of around 150,000 hotel rooms in India, especially in the budget segment, should see a growth in these types of properties in 2015. Outbound travel will continue to also grow in the upcoming year, supported by the burgeoning and affluent middle class,” he stated.

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