Take a look inside one of America's most mysterious and abandoned hotels

divlorraine_hurst 11

Matt Hurst

A sign on the roof of the Divine Lorraine Hotel.

There's a 123-year-old hotel near downtown Philadelphia that has stood abandoned for the past 16 years.

Its past is somewhat twisted, with a history of being a home base for cult leaders, and its interiors are filled with rubble and peeling paint.

The Divine Lorraine Hotel and its Victorian-style architecture have become a staple in the Philly skyline, as well as a place for urban explorers to venture into - if they dare.
Photographer Matt Hurst, who is well-versed in shooting abandoned spaces, documented the interior of the hotel for the first time in 2007, and then again in 2010, to see what was left of the historic landmark.

The project stemmed from his drive to "preserve a visual record of interesting places prior to their demolition or renovation," he told Business Insider.

The hotel is currently being renovated and will eventually become a new apartment complex.

Hurst shared some of his most recent photos of the hotel with Business Insider, which we've combined with photos of its past.