Tech CEO Who Allegedly Hit His Girlfriend 117 Times Breaks His Silence On Twitter

Gurbaksh Chahal, a wealthy and successful Internet entrepreneur, was charged last summer with 45 felonies and 2 misdemeanors for allegedly beating his girlfriend.

And although the incident was allegedly caught by security cameras in his San Francisco apartment, Chahal says he is innocent on Twitter.

Last week, Chahal was able to get all 45 felony charges dropped, avoid jail time, and plead guilty to just two misdemeanors. He's also committed to enrolling in a domestic violence program for about a year and he has three years of probation. RadiumOne and its board members haven't publicly commented about the charges or Chahal's status as the company's chairman and CEO, despite outrage from many in the tech community.Advertisement

Last night, Chahal finally reacted to all the negative press about him on Twitter.

Gurbaksh Chahal  gchahal  on Twitter


Chahal also suggests there there's no video of the alleged incident.

chahal tweet


Here's the criminal complaint filed against him from in August. The allegations Chahal is denying include:
  • Hitting girlfriend Juliet Kakish repeatedly in the head
  • Assaulting her with a pillow
  • Dragging her from the bed to the floor
  • Covering her mouth with his hand to obstruct her breathing
  • Hitting her in the lower body approximately 15 times
  • Hitting her in the head while holding his other hand over her mouth
  • Threatening to kill her
  • Confining her to a bed by force and fear