The 10 Most Important Things In The World Right Now


REUTERS/Christopher Black/WHO

A burial team wearing protective clothing prepare the body of a person suspected to have died of the Ebola virus.

Hello! Here's what you need to know for Thursday.

1. After using tear gas to unsuccessfully break up pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong, the Chinese government has adopted a new wait-and-see tactic, with hopes that, in time, "the inconvenience caused to others in Hong Kong will swing the public opinion against Occupy or pressure the organizers to call it off," an official told The Wall Street Journal.Advertisement

2. The director of the US Secret Service, Julia Pierson, resigned on Wednesday over recent lapses in security at the White House.

3. Turkey is deciding whether to join the U.S-led coalition against Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, a move that "could allow foreign forces to use [Turkey's] territory for cross-border incursions," Reuters said.

4. The first man diagnosed with Ebola in the United States was reportedly sent home at first by a Texas hospital, despite telling a nurse that he had just come back from Africa.

5. Japan is still searching for bodies on Mount Ontake after the volcano unexpectedly erupted on Saturday. Forty-seven people have been confirmed dead so far.

6. UK-based charity Save the Children revealed a shocking new statistic about the spread of the Ebola virus: Five people are being infected every hour in Sierra Leone. 7. PIMCO announced on Wednesday that $23.5 billion was withdrawn from its flagship Total Return Fund in September, with the "largest daily outflow occurring on the day of Bill Gross's resignation from the firm."Advertisement

8. The European Central Bank will present its latest decision on rates and monetary policy, including details of a new asset-backed buying plan, early Thursday morning.

9. The US has re-routed flights over an Alaska beach to avoid panicking an estimated 35,000 walruses that have clumped together on the shore due to a loss of sea ice.

10. Tesla's Elon Musk hinted in a tweet that the company will unveil "the D and something else" on Oct. 9. There is speculation that this could be the next generation of Teslas. Advertisement

And finally...

The Thai government has developed two robots to test traditional Thai dishes, like green curry, for authenticity.