The 15 most misunderstood job titles and what they REALLY mean

Most parents mean well - they really do have an interest in what their kids do for a living.

But job titles like "user-interface designer" and "civil servant" aren't exactly the most descriptive, and they leave many parents scratching their heads.

In LinkedIn's 2015 global study, more than half of the 1,390 parents surveyed admitted they aren't very familiar with what their child does for a living, while one in three parents said they don't understand their kids' jobs at all. But they also said they want to know.
To help bridge the gap, here are 15 of the most misunderstood jobs in America, according to LinkedIn's survey, and how you could explain them to struggling parents.

BI Graphics_15 Jobs That Are Impossible to Explain to Your Parents

Dylan Roach/Business Insider

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