The 17 best startups to work for in America


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Many people crave the energetic environment found in startup culture.

But the opportunity to be valued and feel like you are building something from the ground up can be tempered by long work hours and the stress of potential failure. Not all startups get the recipe for employee satisfaction right.

These 17 startups, which stretch from San Francisco to Orlando, definitely do.


To compile this list, we looked at Glassdoor's ranking of the best small and medium companies to work for in 2015. The Glassdoor ranking is based on the input of employees who provided feedback about their satisfaction with the overall company via Glassdoor's company review survey. Not all companies are eligible, as Glassdoor's algorithm takes into account the quality, quantity, and consistency of the employee reviews. The rating is on a five-point scale.

Unsurprisingly, many of the companies that appear in Glassdoor's top ranking are "startups" - which we defined as small to medium-sized private companies, broadly in the technology space, that have been around for less than a decade.

These are the 17 best startups to work for according to employee ratings.


This story was originally published by Glassdoor.