The 22 MBA programs where students go on to earn the most money


harvard business school graduates

Brian Snyder/Reuters

Harvard University came in at No. 1.

Thinking about getting your MBA, but not sure if it will be worth your time and money?


As it turns out, some programs offer a better return on your investment than others - and PayScale recently found which ones those are.

To identify the MBA programs from which graduates go on to earn the most money in their careers, PayScale, the creator of the world's largest compensation database, looked at the starting (five years of experience or less) and mid-career (10-plus years of job experience) pay for thousands of grads.

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It recently released this data - along with other interesting findings - in its annual College Salary Report.

These are the 22 MBA programs from which graduates go on to earn the most money 10-plus years into their career, according to PayScale:


Find out how your salary stacks up on PayScale.