The Benefits and Perks of Working with Microsoft

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It’s one of the world’s best Tech company, and Microsoft proves it just beautifully with one of the most employee-friendly environment it nurtures.

It’s not just about easy and flexible working hours, but the company goes a lot beyond to ensure the comfort and leisure activities of the staff here.

You may feel jealous but how about let's just face it! Employees get 10% discount on stock, 15 paid time offs and 10 sick days, and 8 weeks of parental leave. We will give you a full list of other such provisions, but it’s important to note here that Microsoft employees usually do not have strict professional rules to follow. They can work from office or home, schedule their meetings and plan out their day in the best possible manner. They set goals with the help of team managers and are expected to be on their own in planning how to best achieve them. There are no strict punching in or out mechanism in place therefore. Isn’t it just great?

From dropping off your dry cleaning, joining in a pickup soccer, basketball or cricket game on the sports fields to playing an impromptu round of Xbox with co-workers, believe it or not, but here’s why this company has almost everyone wanting to become a part of it:

Gyms and fitness:

It offers paid memberships to full-service gyms or extra dollars in the pocket of employees to spend on their own fitness program. Btw, it gives free membership at its Sports PRO Club.

On-campus retail shops and sports fields.

Work is not just work, but work and play. Microsoft US has a in-campus social hub, The Commons, which offers a salon and mini-day spa, mail center, bank and 11 different restaurants. If you love adventure sports, imagine spending your free time browsing through retail shops for the latest bike and ski gear within the campus.

Sports equipment check out.

If you need a break, check out Frisbees, basketballs, soccer balls, bocce balls, footballs, volleyballs and even bicycles to enjoy the most the campus has to offer.

On-campus cafes and kitchens.

The Redmond campus alone has 33 cafes, 37 espresso stands and 500 kitchenettes stocked with 35 different types of free beverages. WOW!! Microsoft employees eat 35,000 meals a day, and this company is the only “3 star green” corporate dining operation in the world!

Microsoft Connector shuttle and bus fleet.

55 wi-fi and power-enabled coaches and shuttles transport employees from their Seattle-area homes to work and back, saving 2,00,000 car rides per year. Once on campus, the shuttles make hopping from building to building quick and easy. India is still far is getting this service from any company.

l clubs.

From dodgeball to photography to theater, Microsoft has probably got the social club for you. If it hasn’t, it says, start one!


Employees enjoy substantial savings on purchasing Microsoft products through their company store at throwaway prices. They can take advantage of tons of nationwide and local lifestyle discounts, like restaurants, travel, spa services, pet care, and car repair. They also get special offers and discounts for technology, arts, entertainment and sporting events.


Whether you are an early bird or a late riser, flexible work hours allow you to work here when you are at your best. The best part is - Dress code is simple: You have your own style; we expect you to bring it – the company says.

And the last one is Electric car charging stations.

This is just awesome. Employees access the ChargePoint Network, an open-platform network of electric vehicle charging stations which have been laid out throughout the Redmond campus as well as all Microsoft offices around the globe.
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