The Best Vodka On The Market


vodka shots

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Whether you're shooting back shots or sipping a cocktail, good vodka goes down smooth.


Our friends at FindTheBest helped us find the 10 best vodkas on the market.

To rank the vodka, they considered expert reviews and awards from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Wine Enthusiast Magazine, the 2013 International Wine & Spirit Competition, and the Beverage Tasting Institute.

10. Serebryaniy Zamok ($5)

Russia has a lengthy history with vodka, and the word even means "little water" in Russian. Serebryaniy Zamok is an extremely cheap Russian-made vodka that is clear and crisp, with an alcohol by volume percentage of 40.

9. Sibirskaya Strong ($5)

Another vodka from Russia, Sibirskaya Strong is, as the name implies, slightly stronger with an ABV of 45%. The vodka is made only from natural products, with fine wheat and fresh water used in the distilling process.


8. Sun Liquor UNXLD ($29)

Sun Liquor UNXLD Vodka is a U.S.-made alcohol manufactured in Seattle. They distill their product five times total, which helps contribute to a very pure vodka.

7. Svedka Colada ($13)

Rain Organic Cucumber Lime Vodka

Rain Organics.

Svedka is a popular choice of alcohol here in the U.S., even though the brand is based in Sweden. Svedka Colada in particular is a winning vodka, with coconut flavoring infused with pineapple and other tropical tastes.

6. Rain Organics Cucumber Lime ($21)

Sazerac Company in California manufactures this flavorful cucumber lime vodka, with an ABV of 35%. This Rain Organics vodka is made from fermented corn instead of the usual wheat, and it is distilled seven times for ultimate purity.

5. Effen Cucumber ($32)

Effen Cucumber is a Netherlands-based product, with premium wheat from Northern Holland as its foundation. It is a cucumber-flavored vodka and is slightly more expensive than average.


4. Exclusiv ($20)

Originated in Moldova, Exclusiv Vodka is an unflavored product made from distilled wheat. The product is simple and crisp, great either plain or mixed.

3. Froggy B ($20)

Froggy B is French imported vodka that is clear and pure after being distilled six times. Wine Enthusiast Magazine describes it as "Relatively neutral on the palate with a clean, citrusy touch on the finish."

2. Grand Teton ($19)

Grand Teton is the only potato-based vodka on the list so far, and it is distilled 20 times for an extremely clean and smooth product. It is a U.S.-made vodka, with an ABV of 40%.

1. Smugglers' Notch ($27)

With the finest grains and ingredients straight from Idaho, Smugglers' Notch is a clear, neutral vodka with just a hint of underlying flavor.